Where else can you make new friendships (or enhance ones you already have) while being naughty or nice, playing random trivia and chatting at the same time?! YadaYada of course! Get your partner to laugh and like chatting with you, then earn stars to win prizes - or lose their interest and get the boot. Either way it's fun, free and definitely not for kids!
Features: comedy, trivia, group play, social chat.


Conpetence is an application to introduce a new way to consult experts in various fields (engineering, medical expert, legal expert, IT and software, Education, business & entrepreneurs) through video or audio call. This app provides Worldwide connectivity with the experts sitting at remote locations. Consultants or experts can get on the app and earn by giving their opinion to the user via Conpetence app.

Parking finder App Development

Parken is the new app offering user stress less way to book public and private spaces for parking a car easier than ever. Using smartphone user can make bookings hassle less by connecting host's parking locations via app. It is an iOS app which comes with a feature to book parking spot and rent space for parking.


PicFit is more than a fitness app designed for users to share, upload and exchange their daily exercise routines. Users can hang around with new people and share their fitness goals and photos. This app is a place to have FUN while improving their fitness/health. It helps to stay ahead in a fitness competition with the help of online nutritionist and fitness gurus.

Peng Chat – Dating App

Pengchat is mobile dating apps for people to find their partner. This app is a great hit among the users due to its unique dating services. It is successful dating apps that follow a unique concept with an easy user interface that offers high security. Apart from chatting user can send videos, sound clips, and photos to their partner...

Exxon Mobil
Exxon Mobil - Brand Guideline Analysis

An android application developed to validate available elements on sign boards of any brand and verified as per the standard guidelines. This mobile app has the functionality of capturing images of Sign boards through the camera or images can be uploaded through the gallery of device. Selected images will be analyzed for color, fonts, image etc by the app and will give results as per the company standards.

LOCO Tables - Location based App

The trend has become to live our lives online and to interact through our smartphones, but LOCO ("Live Offline & Connect Offline") is for those, who think that social interactions feel better in real life. LOCO is the most exciting and fastest way to meet open-minded people offline in your city.

Vocalike App

This app has been developed for Vocalike Limited. It provides the users with variety of music from round the globe. The music includes instrumentalists like guitarist, drummers and pianists as well.

We Care
We Care

WeCare Diabetic App is a diabetes management app for their patients. Users can manage their diabetes from the app as well as request service from the company from within the app. It's a HIPAA complaint app.

3d modle
3D Modeling Design

We offer a 3D modeling services to enhance user experiences and add value to the business.

When it comes about the best 3D modeling services Quytech is offering tech services in India. We ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services. We do not provide with good experience; we provide with the best in the industry experience. All you require to do is let us know about the platform you aspire to build the Unity 3D application for!


A hassle-free and instant solution to keeping your home tidy. Download the White Spot Cleaning app, book your home cleaning services within minutes and sit back and relax. Our cleaning experts will make sure your home is spotless.

Mobile App For Events
Mobile App For Events

App developed for Society of Automotive Engineers. Provides real time updates about the event. Has features like registration and accommodation booking.


A CRM solution build for Honda Power Products to track their on field demos and manage leads. This App is being used by Honda Marketing team while on the field.

Giving Is Healthy

As the name complies users will donate for good cause while being healthy at the same time. Users can select what item they are not consuming in the app to give it to the charity of their choice and amount will be automatically calculated.

Pernod Ricard
Pernod Ricard

An App to track and manage Merchandisers. Each outlet is given an incentive based on the promotions that they display. The app helps in auditing those outlets and manage the work of merchandisers.

Jump The Q
Jump The Q

A retail app which allows a user to skip the cash counter queue in a retail shop and scan and pay for products directly from the app.


Twinqli Chat App is developed for US based startup. Using this application users can chat, send videos, sound clips and photos. Other features integrated are text to speech, In-app purchase and social media platforms. Very similar to WhatsApp. It can send messages even if your friend is offline. There is a secret box where you can store messages under password.

Sleep App
Sleep Tracking

Sound Asleep tracks a user's sleep patterns and detects snoring. It also has a smart alarm which can be set to wake up the user gently. This App can track human sleep phases like Light Sleep, Deep Sleep, REM, Snoring.


Delhi Monument Virtual Reality App is a virtual reality 360 view application developed by Quytech. The app showcases some of the monuments in Delhi in 360 View. It is compatible with Google Cardboard.


CarXpert, On-Demand App connects user with the Car Service Franchise. Consumers can now book a car service or car repair right from their apps.


This App is developed for Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles. The App shows their dealer network across the country on a map. A transporter can also look up dealers available along their routes.


RADaR (Road Accident Data Recorder) is used to gather and record information related to accident at the actual accident location. Information such as GPS, Photographs, Injured/Killed Passenger details can be gathered by using this application.


ZAPIFY is a location based mobile app that allows a user to search for deals and discounts nearby to its location.


Custom built for Lemon Tree hotels. A tablet based Application having all the customer information. It also includes display photos of all the properties and their information. Provides Business Intelligence Information from the ERP to sales people on the move.


This App uses Augmented Reality to recognize Hollywood movie posters. User can unlock the movie trailers by the pointing the app to the movie's posters. The posters can be on a newspaper, magazines, flyer, computer screen or bill board etc.

365 On
365 On

365on App has been developed to connect small retailers/service providers with their customers. It's been developed as a SaaS based service.

Chef Eric lanlard
Cake Boy Classic

App developed for UK's Celebrity Chef Eric Lanlard. Innovative App allows users to bake cakes as per the ingredients available in their kitchen. This is a cake recipe application by celebrity baker Eric (Cake-Boy) Lanlard.

Noodles Menia

Noodles Mania app is for die hard fans of Maggi, Cup Noodles or Top Ramen. If you have a packet of these noodles, this Augmented Reality App allows you to play a fantastic noodle game.

Finance App
Finance App

You'll no longer worry about your money management once you install a finance app on your smartphone. A finance app is a place where you can view your money related information on one platform. It offers support while taking decisions related to your money. Finance app can help you to save more money and offer instant information about the financial situation in seconds.


A mobile app to pay for fuel without getting inside the fuel store. It works on Geo fencing and detects fuel stations automatically.

360° virtual tour for hospitality industry

Interactive 360 virtual tours provide rendering content to put your business a step ahead among the competitors. It offers an effective and affordable way to generate user engagement. High-quality virtual tours are directly proportional to the increase in conversions. Therefore, businesses are integrating fully immersive Virtual Tour to their website and app to enhances the visitor experience. This is the best way to communicate the benefits of your business in the hotel and real estate by offering 360 walking tours. It offers a huge potential of fully immersive online view of the whole space.

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Live - AR News

We designed and developed Augmented Reality Business Cards for one of our prestigious clients. It is an AR based application, which scans the front and back side of the business card. Likewise, it helps to project business information like social media profile, Geo location, web link and much more.

Virtual Try on Ring App
Virtual Try on Ring App

We design and develop virtual try on ring app for our potential clients in jewelry businesses. Augmented Reality can be a game-changer helping customer to try-on ring virtually before purchasing. Using virtual try on ring app you can help the user to gain complete product satisfaction. The try-on concept can help your customer to compare rings side-by-side while trying different shapes and styles. Virtual try-on ring app boosts the sale and reduces the return rate.

AR Wine Label
AR Wine Label

We are working on a project for our prestigious client in wine and spirits. You can also give your brand a great promotional power with unique stories behind the labels. Adopting AR technology in wine and spirits can help you to provide intuitive customers engagement with the wine bottles. An immersive experience with the wine bottle will help to reach the potential customers/users around the globe. Using AR Wine label you can broadcast your wine packaging messages in an immersive way.

Virtual Try On glasses
Virtual Try On glasses

We have successfully developed an AR solution for eye care brand. With the help of 3D virtual try-on technology offer a virtual catalog of the different stylish frames to your customer. The technology of "try on" option can offer your customer with a quick and easy guide to discover the next pair of glasses virtually. So!!! Here we are with the virtual try-on glasses solution to enrich your customers' experience.

AR Floor planner App
AR Floor Planner App

Augmented Reality (AR) Floor Plan - This app is helpful for Real estate agents, Craftsmen, builders, and property dealers. Through this AR app, you can show the different floor plans virtually to customers exactly what they are looking for. It is a unique way to engage more clients around the globe while offering virtual floor planner. AR solution can take your real estate perspective to the successful level. Gain the retention rate while offering virtual floor plan designs in real estate.

Web based Augmented Reality Application

We design and develop Web AR platform that open new opportunities to add highly engaging and immersive content to your website. Web AR used in websites/browsers helps to create interactive experiences for users. Web AR is a great complement to the online shopping experience. Moreover, utilizing AR technology in the web platform let the users explore the product in-depth. With the use of this business can project AR content across their brand's website.

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location based ar
Location Based Augmented Reality Game

Augmented reality has proven game player to navigate their real-world surroundings while catching virtual in-game characters. The success of Pokemon Go serves as an inspiration in the industry to lay out a plan for implementing such an idea in the gaming sector. We develop a location-based app like Pokemon Go up to encourage players to move around virtually. Apart from that player can get connected with other Pokemon Go players in real time. Such app offers features to gain access to the user's data, including Google accounts and Global Positioning System (GPS) locations.

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Virtual Reality Supermarket Shopping Experience

Supermarkets are set to completely transform the shopping experience by integrating virtual reality (VR). Virtual Reality in the supermarket is innovate way to accommodate online orders and keep in-store shoppers engage. Virtual Reality in supermarket is a key to strike the right balance between allocating resources to digitize and user's experiences. This technology plays a vital role in replacing the tedious process while offering captivating experiences. VR in supermarket inform and entertain the online users to enrich the customer experience in every sphere.

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ar storytelling
Augmented Reality Storytelling

Storytelling Strategies offered by AR Technology - AR is the best way to narrate the stories to the potential users. This technology is helpful to deliver immersive content to the learners. Businesses are taking their services to new dimension using this advance technology.

behavioral training in vr
Change Management and Behavioral Training in Virtual Reality

Quytech has created virtual reality training that offers an immersive environment that enables learners to improve skills and change behaviors through realistic practice.

Live - AR News
LIVE Augmented Reality App for newsPaper

We designed and developed Augmented Reality Apps for Newspaper for one of our prestigious clients. This AR app helps to bring publication's content to live by adding a digital element to the printed material...

VR Fire Safety Training

Virtual Reality is best utilized in the training sector, especially in fire safety. It offers firefighters with an operational training system to tackle firefighting techniques virtually. Such a VR training solution offers an environment to the trainees that provide a safe training atmosphere to learn more. VR offers a high level of practicality motion-based sensor technology that replicates the user's actions during training. It is a highly reliable virtual reality solution where trainees can gain in-depth knowledge of fire behavior while practicing.

Daqri - AR Based Instruction Manual

Daqri's smart glasses connect to an integrated computer to deliver real-time data to help the user visualize and understand their environment. We have developed application to provide training to workers of a huge bio refinery to operate their system. To start with their two procedures, markers need to be scan by trainer to proceed with the information display. It includes two functional procedures of refinery plant with multiple scenes and instructions.

AI Based Augmented Reality Assistant

AI Based Augmented Reality Assistant -AI-based Augmented Reality assistant is an advanced approach that integrates AI into AR technology. This way user can get assisted by voice command to find the product's information while using the AR application.

Hololens - AR Training App

Microsoft's HoloLens is a smart glass based on mixed reality. We have created HoloLens application to provide training to show functioning of large printers and assembling of their parts.

Virtual Product Showcase

3D Virtual Product Visualization - Virtual product showcases let you give your customers a complete tour of your product, inside and out. With virtual reality product experience They can change the color, can open it and get the real experience before purchasing it.

Augmented Reality Platform

We have designed and developed an Augmented Reality Publication solution for one of our prominent clients. This solution helped them in adding virtual elements like videos, audios, action buttons (CTA), images, text, and 3D models into static content. One can easily Augment existing content with Interactive elements in this application.

AR Interior Design App

Architecture firms and Interior Designers has started cooperating Augmented reality into their businesses. AR empowered solutions are helping businesses to wrap their services with their creativity. It is helping Architect sector to visualize the model in 3D once the project is ready. It enables realistic visualizations particularly useful for marketing Interior Design in real estate developments. Augmented Reality is helpful in developing an advanced approach to experience 3D model outside of a computer screen. AR uses edge-cutting technology helps architect and interior designers with a permit to design their virtual models.

ILLUSIO: AR Plastic Surgery App

We designed and developed AR App for plastic surgery for one of our prestigious clients. Through this app user is able to see what they want after surgery. The use of this solution will superimpose the 3D digital simulation image of the desired app...

Virtual Try On Watch App

We developed the "Virtual Try on Watch App" that uses augmented reality to project a watch on your wrist to give you a feel of real-life size. Through This App You can try branded watches on your hand via Augmented Reality. There is always a belief that every invention has the end goal of providing personalized service to the customer. Virtual Try On Watch App scans the cylindrical tracking of the wristband which is wrapped around the wrist. Thereby, offers a virtual watch experience to the user.

Augmented Reality Food Menu Application

The food industry is very much dependent on the customer experiences hence to connect the customer AR food menu is a unique way to grab their attention. AR food menu virtual food displays consisting of multiple 3D digital rendering photographs of food on the plate. Through AR food menu app businesses in the food industry can engage their customers in restaurants or online food services.

AR Walk Through

AR offer businesses in different sectors to analyze the space with the help of the AR walk-through. A user sitting at different place can view space without wasting time. The augmented reality walk-through is a huge technological advancement in any industry. It allows to streamline the decision-making approach in every aspect of the users.

AR Instruction Manual

Immersive AR instruction manual helps the users to understand the devices in an easy manner. This AR app is incorporated with interactive visuals like 3D models. This AR solution offers new opportunities to the business in order to avoid the language barrier as well as reduces understanding complexities. AR instruction manual drives direct access of information of the any device.

Augmented Reality Apps for Interior Design

It is a simple 3D Virtual room planner for creating interior design with complete library of furniture items.

Moreover, it also calculates costs of the furniture item that has been added to the list. It is provided with the features that calculates square footage of the area. Here are some features of 3d virtual reality room planner.

Vertical Plane Detection (Augmented Reality)

The app lets user to augment electronic gadgets onto the vertical and horizontal surfaces in real world environment. It is based on Apple's latest AR-Kit technology. As shown in the app, the user can set up an LED TV to the desired surface say on a wall or any surface of the user's liking and can visualize the appearance.

Measuring Floor Area app with(AR)

User can select an area that need to be measure, it could be either an office or home. For that start scanning corners of the room through the camera of smart Phone. After scanning all the corners, app will connect all their corners with each other with measurement (inches or feet) and fully scan floor plan will be visible in 2D and 3D.

VR Industrial walk-through (Demo)

Virtual Reality: Industrial/Factory Walk Through - Industrial Plant walk through demo for industrial and safety training in a virtual environment. Explore Plant in Virtual Reality without Risk. Complete 360° Virtual Reality Tour.

Industrial Training Simulator (Virtual Reality)

VR Industrial Training Simulator helps to break trade-off of learning methods and provide effective training in a safe environment. VR offered a measurable improvement in a wide array of immersive learning outcomes in every sphere. Such virtual training is adequate in preparation for stressful and highly complex situations in real time. VR Industrial Training Simulator offers the ability to present immersive, realistic situations over and over again.

QT Ruler (Arkit based Measurement App)

QT RULER app that will tell you the dimensions of an object on the user's screen. This is conventional ruler apps, but their scales are limited to the size of your screen. Users are able to view the measurement numbers that pop up according to shapes measured. Users are confident and sure about the measurements of the objects and space before buying them.

Virtual Reality Home Design

VR in Home Design - A Virtual Reality Application which can help visualize home decoration including furniture, fittings and the actual space in a house. It is transforming architecture and designing sector by improving the overall process of viewing the entire space and design before the final purchase. Through VR client can not only view the design but also get a complete understanding of the floor design better.

Virtual Reality Shopping App

Virtual showroom App - This is a Virtual Reality Shopping App designed & developed by Quy Technology. The goal is to create a personalized virtual store where a customer can choose and buy products. As a result, VR can boost brands and their services with a vision to allow online users to shop hassle less. VR shopping App is the best option for physical stores that have online eCommerce stores. Therefore, it is a new way to Live your store with an interactive Look where the user can Interact, Validate and get Engage virtually.

Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented Reality in Education- When it comes about Augmented Reality books especially for children, are one of the swiftest growing trends in publishing. It is the best way to engage children with digital content above and beyond the two-dimensional words. Storytelling and illustrations of the content on the digital page open up a world of possibilities and opportunities for kids. This the blend of imagination, content with the technology.


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